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Old Cultivar - Zisun Coins

Green Tea | Thé Vert

$31.00 40 G
$59.00 80 G
$147.00 225 G
$281.00 450 G


Origin: Changxing, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
GPS: 31ºN 119.8ºE
Tasting Notes : Tropical fruit, Rice Candy
Grower: Lilly Zhang (WenHua)
Cultivar: Zisun, Old Cultivar


100º C | 212º F
1 COIN (~8G) / 400 ML
Simmer 10 minutes
Equipment: Saucepan


Lilly Zhang’s farm is located in a beautiful valley hidden among forested mountains, near Changxing. The Lao Cong Zisun cultivar tea trees on her property are 70-80 years old. Most of the leaves she harvests are handcrafted into loose leaf green or black teas but a very small amount is converted into these rare, outstandingly sweet coins.

Please note:  the brewing process for this tea is not orthodox. You can roast the tea slightly on an open flame and simmer in a pot for about 10 minutes.  The brew will be surprisingly sweet.

  • You should get this tea if:  you’re entertaining a few tea geek friends, you’re camping (it’s awesome on a bonfire), or you have at least 30 minutes to enjoy a sweet brew at home.